Ejemplos de Vida: notes general

Author of the program: Manuel de la Herrán Gascón

Ejemplos de Vida is a application with the that we can to study several worlds inhabited for beings artificial. The application it is there is developed in Visual Basic 5.0, and contain various programs, corresponding each program with a world artificial.

In the application "Ejemplos de Vida", each program possess many options that it is they can to modify. For power to observe results quickly, it is they have created for each program several examples predeterminados of values of these options.

For example, making Click in "Ejemplos de Vida" - "Ants and Plants", it is offer 11 examples different. Though it is elija one or other example, always is possible to modify the options that appear.

Ejemplos de Vida

Furthermore of this documentation in html, that is the more completes, exist a documentation additional on the program, in the directorio \doc: version.doc (Word 95) and version.txt (text ascii). Both contain the same document, but is preferibla the version of Word. Exist a readme.txt for programmers.

The program contain the following worlds virtual:

To download source code

This program and its files source they are free of charge and of free distribution. The code source it is available and puede be modified, distributed, or used in other programs with deposit freedom.

For to obtain the last version of the program, for to suggest possible amplifications, if it is detected some mistake in the programming or if wish to communicate that it is is going to to widen or to use a part or all this program, not doubt in it be put in contact with the author in the address: E-mail

Click here for to download source code.

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