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¿That is this of Gaia?

Gaia is a group of investigation on Artificial Life, Genetic Algorithms and Learning Automatic, that you offer the possibility of to participate for Internet in algúno of its projects.

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¿Of that you you know the that trabajais in Gaia?

The majority us we have known to slant of Internet, thanks to this web; though some we are friends of all the life ¿whos? guess...

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¿What mean the word "Gaia"?

Gaia is the concept of planet as be live; mean Land. I copy of

"Gaia is the be live product of the theory of the biochemical english James Lovelock. In this theory it is consider that the joint Land-life is for if same a be live, that to the equal that the beings that it constitute, accomplish functions impensables in the matter inert. This joint Land-life receive the name of Gaia, name with the that the greek it is were referring to the goddess of the land."

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¿What is the life?

The life consist basicamente in to work and to sleep. ¿Only that? Good, of time in when you you can to take a beer with the friends (Olaf the vikingo).

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