GaiaUtil. Generating of *.swt (Visual Basic)

Author of the program: Manuel de la Herrán Gascón

Generating of *.swt (Visual Basic)

The files *.swt they are files insole for the Setup Wizard or program of creation of facilities of Visual Basic.

This usefulness generate the lines that it is they should to include in a file *.swt for that the program of installation instale other files own of our apliación, furthermore of the exe and the bookstores.

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Download source code

This program and sus files source they are free of charge and of free distribution. The code source it is available and puede be modified, distributed, or used in other programs citing to the author or authors.

For to obtain the last version of the program, for to suggest possible amplifications, if it is detected some mistake in the programming or if wish to communicate that it is is going to to widen or to use a part or all this program, not doubt in it be put in contact with the author in the address: E-mail

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