The enigmático commentary of Neil Armstrong to the pisar for first time the moon


When the astronauta of the Apolo, Neil Armstrong pisó for first time the moon, not alone said its famous phrase "a small step for the man, a huge jump for the humanity", but that despues made several commentaries, the usuales of comunicacion between he, the other astronautas and the center of control.

Without embargo, just to the to return to the capsula said something enigmatico: "Good luck, Mr. Gorsky". Much people of the NASA penso that serious a commentary casual about of some cosmonáuta soviético rival. Without embargo, after comprobarlo, not it is encontró ningun Gorsky in ningun program spatial neither russian neither americano.

To it long of the years, much people interrogo to Armstronga near of the meaning of its commentary "good luck Mr. Gorsky", but Armstrong it is limitaba to sonreir always, without to say nothing.

Makes some years (the 5 of July of 1995 in Tampa Bay FL) while respondia questions after a discurso, a journalist saco to to glow the famous question of 26 years of antigüedad. This time for fín respondio. Mr. Gorsky habia died, for it that Neil Armstrong sentía that podia to give solucion to the question. When was a child, was playing to the béisbol in the patio trasero with a friend. This, golpeó a ball with force and the made aterrizar in frentede the window of the dormitorio of its neighboring. These they were the señor and the señora Gorsky. When Neil it is inclinaba to recoger the pelota, oyó to the señora Gorsky gritándole to the señor Gorsky. "Sex oral?! You want sex oral?!, Tendras sex oral when the chico of the neighboring it is pasee for the moon!". Is a history real.