A herd of buffaloes only it is puede to move so rapid as it is move the buffalo more slow, and when the herd is hunted, they are the buffaloes more slow and weak that they are to the final of the herd the that die first. This is a selection natural good for the herd as a all, given that the speed general and the health of the joint improvement for the death to regulate of its members more weak.

Of the same manner, the brain human puede to operate so rapid as its neuron more slow. The consumption excessive of alcohol, as all we know, destroy the neurons, but naturally assault to the neurons more slow and weak in first place. In this sense, the consumption to regulate of beer eliminate the neurons more weak, making constantly of the brain a machine more rapid and efficient. The result of this deep study epidemiological verify and validate the relationship causative between the sprees of end of week and the yield of the computer, mathematical, engineers, economists, attorneys, etc. Asímismo, explain for what, few years after of finished the university and contracted marriage, the majority of the professional not they can to maintain the levels of yield of the recently left of the universities. Only those few that persist in the strict regime of voraz consumption alcoholic they can to maintain the levels intellectual that obtained during its years of students university.

Your company and your country need that estés to the maximum, and your not you would have to to deny you the career that you could to develop.

I know all it that you can be. ¡We go to the bars! ¡Bebámonos liters and liters!

Note of the Publisher: Is untruthful that the selection act eliminating the individual more weak and slow. This affirmation is useful for a first approximation to the process of the evolution, would it be said that is "but or less" certain, but not is exact, and me seem that is necessary to itemize the difference. The selection, already it will be in the nature or in the programs of Computation Evolutionary, permit to live also to some of the weak and slow. If the selection only permitted to survive to the more strong, the population it is would stem in a great homogeneity, trapped in a "maximum local" or unable of to survive before a great change of the environment (or problem to to solve). This topic it is try more to fund in several places in the web.