Wanted Son:

You i put these lines for that you know that i am live. You i write slowly because it is that your not you can to read of hurry. Good, not you go to to recognize the house when you come, because us we have moved... and yet not you i put address because not me the it is. Result that the finish family galician that vivia for aqui, it is there is carried the numbers for not to have that to change of domicile.

For end, we have buried to your grandfather. We find its corpse now with it of the move, was in the closet from that gave that us i earn to to play to the escondidillas.

Of the famila, you contaré that today your sister, the Julita, had a son but as still not it is if is child or girl, not you i can to say if you are tio or tia; its husband, the Pedro, in change goes walking all the gave with the legs arched, as if there is mounted horse all the gave, and is that it was to the médico and to him detected the cholesterol high, for it that to him recommended that the eggs neither the touch. To the that not we have seen for aca is to the tio Venancio, that died totally the year past and its son, Hyacinth, that you acuerdas that always creyó that was but swift that the bulls... already comprobó that not.

Fíjate that i am concerned for your dog Boby, already that insist in to pursue to the cars stopped and each time this more flat-nosed. Ah, for end it is you occurred to the bottling of refreshment to put a sign in the can that says: "Burn for aqui", in place of "To open aqui", asi that already not we have that to open it in the same supermarket.

Forgive for the wrong letter and the lack of ortografía, but me tire of to write and now to him i am dictating to your father, and already time as is of gross!.

You contaré for other side that the city it is there is post very dangerous, the day before yesterday died four persons in a accident, two instantly and other two in the reconstrucción of the facts.

That believe!!, your brother Juancho has many problems with the car, yesterday prendió the intermittent and it is it was to to complain with the that to him sold the car because was saying that was operating a time if, then not, then other time if, and asi sucesivamente..., then to the to return to house, cerró the car with sure and i leave the keys inside, for it that had that to go to house for the duplicate for power to draw us to all of inside.

This letter the command with Madrilenian that tomorrow is going for alla. Man!, would that and you could to go for he to the airport. Good son, if you see to doña Remedies, gives to him regards of my part, and if not the you see not to him you say nothing.

Your mother that you wants,


P.D.: You was going to to order hundred pesetas, but that already i have closed the on.