The persons that work hand to hand with the science and the tecnologia not
they are as the demas persons. This puede to result frustrante for those
not-tecnicos that may have that to try with they. The secret consist in
to understand the motivations of these personages. This i articulate you
ensenara all it that they should to know to the respect.
A person entra in a cuarto in the that a table hang torcido.
We can to assert with safety that is a engineer if...
       To. It endereza.
       B. It ignora.
       C. It is purchase a program of CAD and it is passes the following seis
          months disenando a framework autoajustable that operate to base
          of energia solar, shouting of when in when its belief
          of that the inventor of the nail not tape-worm neither puta idea of as
          to make well the things.
  Response correct: "C".
The engineers have different objective in it that to the relationships
social concern of the rest of the world.

The persons "normales" wait to obtain of the relationships social a
series of objective very little realistic:

       * Conversacion estimulante and amena
       * Contactos social of importance
       * A sentimiento of integracion between the demas beings human
To the opposite that the persons "normales", the engineers have some
objective racionales and well definitos of it that it is it must to wait of the
relacion social:
       * Irse to house so soon as it will be possible
       * To avoid be guests to events aburridos
       * To demonstrate superioridad mental and profundos knowledge
         of all the matters existing
For the engineer, all the matter of the universe puede dividirse in two
categorias: (1) the things that they should be arregladas, and (2) the things that
deberan be arregladas despues of that there is had some moments for
juguetear with they.
The engineers solve problems. If not have problems to hand in
a moment given, it is crearan problems new. The people normal not tend
to understand this concept; they believe (erroneamente) that if something not this
roto, not has for that tocarse. The engineers believe that if not this
roto, is that todavia not has sufficient functionality.
Ningun engineer watch a command to distance of television without it be asked
that it is necesitaria for transformarlo in a pistola laser. Ningun
engineer it is gives a ducha without it be asked if algun type of teflon podria
to convert the ritual daily of the ducha in something innecesario. For the
engineer, the world is a box of toys sub-optimizados and carentes
The clothes they are the objective of smaller priority of a engineer, supposing
that the requirements basicos of temperature and decencia esten cubiertos. If
no extremidad this congelandose or inmovilizada and not there is genitales or
glandulas mamarias balanceandose abiertamente to the sight of all,
then the objective of the vestimenta it is there is compliment. Any thing anadida is
thoroughly superflua.
All the engineers adoran the series and the peliculas of STAR TREK and the
they have seen some how much dozen of times each a for it less. For they is
a pequeno milagro, already that the engineers to board of the USS Enterprise have
categoria of heroes and to times even arrive to to have relationships sexual
with alienigenas. This is much but interesting and sensual that the life
cotidiana of a engineer, that consist mainly in esconderse of the
world and to make sex without the participacion of other forms of life.
To leave with someone never is facil for a engineer. A person normal
utilizara various metodos for to create a untruthful attractive. The engineers
they are unable of this, since supondria to give to him but importance to the aspect
that to the functionality.
Fortunately, the engineers have a great advantage: they are
universalmente reconocidos as a excelente material for the altar: intelligent,
fiables, with a good empleo, honestos and very convenientes
for tenerlos to hand when it is need reparar something. Asi that, to weigh
of that few persons it is citarian with a engineer, the mayoria estan
deseando casarse with they, producing asi children ingenierieriles that tendran
some projects excelentemente remunerados much before of to lose its virginidad.
The men engineers alcanzan its maximo attractive sexual despues that
the men normales, convirtiendose in increibles imanes eroticos to to depart
of the 35 as little. For to clarify this point we put some examples of
men tecnicos actually irresistibles:
       * Bill Gates
       * MacGyver
       * Etcetera
The women ingenieras it is return irresistibles when alcanzan the
maturity sexual and permanecen in that state until some thirty minutes despues of
its death clinica. But if the gave is especially caluroso.
The engineers they are always persons honestas so much in the field tecnico
as in the personal. For this is always a good idea mantenerlos
removed of clients, interest romanticos, and in general all those
persons unable of to accept the reality.
Without embargo to times the engineers "modify" the truth for ahorrarse
efforts. Is to say, say things that suenan as mentiras but that
tecnicamente not it they are because not it is waiting that nobody it is the create. I have
aqui a ready practice:
       * "Not modificare nothing without avisarte first."
       * "You deolvere your rare-exotico-and-expensive cable manana."
       * "Necesito a new ordering for this work."
       * "Not i am celoso of your new ordering."
The engineers they are persons VERY ahorrativas. This not is had to to lack
of money or tacaneria, alone that each situacion of expense is unicamente a
problem of optimizacion: "?As i can salvar this reef conservando
the greater quantity of money possible?"
If there is something that indeed distingue to a engineer is the ability
of concentrarse in a topic until the point of excluir any type of
interaccion with the middle. This carry to times to declarar to some
engineers died before of time. Some casas funerarias situadas in
places where tend residir these persons they have implantado a normativa
of chequeo before of to begin to to process the bodies. Any person with
a titulacion of engineer or with experience in the programacion of
ordering is carried to a salita in the that stay during some how much given
for to see if el/ella leaves of the trance in that time.
The engineers hate the riesgos. Attempt eliminarlos always that it will be
possible, for so much. This is quite reasonable, already that each time that a
engineer comete a pequeno mistake, the means of comunicacion (people of
letters) montan a huge barullo as if it would be the end of the world.
Examples of wrong prensa for the engineers:
       * Hindenberg.
       * The lanzadera Challenger.
       * SPANet(tm)
       * The telescopio spatial Hubble.
       * Apollo 13.
       * The Titanic.
       * Ford Pinto.
       * Corvair.
The i calculate riesgo/recompensa in the engineers it is podria to translate to something
as this:
       RIESGO:     Humillacion publish and the death of thousands of
       RECOMPENSA: A certificado of "you we want" cuidadosamente
Being as they are people practice, the engineers sopesan this situacion and
arrive to the conclusion of that the riesgo not is good. The better way of
eludir these riesgos is advertir that a process is tecnicamente
impossible had to to reasons that they are too complicated for be exposed.
If this approach not is sufficient as for disuadir to the jefazos of the
project, then the engineer it is retira to a second linea of defense
practicamente impenetrable: "Good, is tecnicamente possible but the
cost of the operacion serious very high."
Conscious of that a little of ego always is good, there is two factors
fundamental that influence in the autoestima of the engineers:
       * It listos that they are.
       * How much aparatos alucinantes possess.
The way but rapida of to make that a engineer resuelva a problem is
declarar in presence his/her/your/their that the problem is impossible of to solve.
Ningun engineer puede to ignore a problem impossible. No disease or
distraccion is sufficient for distraer to a engineer of its task a
time it is there is prometido to solve the same. This type of retos it is tend
to convert rapidamente in something personal - A battle between the engineer and the
laws of the nature.
The engineers they can pasarse several given without food neither ningun type of
higiene when estan resolving a problem (other times is because it is
forget). When finally it solve, experimentan a oleada of ego
invadiendo its body that is much better that the sex - including the that
involucra to other persons.
Nothing is but amenazador for a engineer that the alone suggestion of that
someone has but ability that the for something. The persons normales to
times use this knowledge to manner of palanca for to extract but work of
a engineer: When a engineer says that something not it is puede  to make (a
phrase in key that traducida wants to say that not is amused to make it),
some persons intelligent they have learnt to to watch to the engineer with a mirada
compasiva and to say something as: "!Oh! Already i see... Good ire to preguntarle to
(name of other engineer). The sabra as to make it." arrived to this
point, is better that the person normal not it is interponga between the engineer and the
problem, already that this it is lanzara to for this as a chihuahua hambriento
on a rodaja of mortadela.