Counting of Navidad for programmers


Good, children and niñas, it was beed that it is was some navidades of the postrimerias of the century XX, before of that the parents of your parents they might have been born still, that existia a company of programming call BUGSOFT S.To.

Said company was directed for Ebenizer Bughe, a man whose corazon was hard and not tape-worm the but minima considerations for with its programmers, to the that tape-worm terrified with thousand and a tortures, as to program in Visual Basic in you scheme 286 until high hours of the awoken, using the edlin. you was denying the bread and the salt, the good collectors, the magazines of games and the CD-Rom of images rises of tone. The salary was misero. Neither you was letting it be approached to a ordering with Internet ("WWW, that tonteria, coged and trabajad, lazy, that for that you payment five hard the hour"). Even when its nephew GNUberto to him brought a collector free of C++, it is i remain thunderstruck and said:

"Free of charge, j, sure that bring a troyano. Furthermore, where this a good VBasic 1.0 in a 286 ... these lazy not give for but".

Neither control of versions, neither depuradores, neither documentacion additional, neither chocolatinas free of charge. The life of the programmers of BUGSOFT was horrid, but it were sustaining had to to the need of its families.

The night of Navidad, in the which Ebenizer Bughe There is obligator to its Personnel to it be remained until well entry the night to to make copies of safety in microdrives used ("The safety is it first, that of this code comeis"), Ebenizer sintio a commotion in million of bits that were shouting distressed.

It was while was scanning in the bed the sessions of work of its personnel for the proximos months, deciding between if conectarles directly to the coffee-pot or implantarles keyboards biónicos. To him i enter a stupor estraño and oyo voices distant.

Of soon, it is appeared in the screen of the portátil the image spectral of its companion, Joseph Palette. They had been companions of long ago, in the times dificiles, to the to establish BUGSOFT. After its death for the assault of a cycle of color led, already nothing There is been it same. Ebenizer i worsen much his character, bad of for if.

The image that tape-worm Joseph P. was horrid. Attempt turn off the portátil, but it was in frivolous. The image of the screen it is dirigio to the. In voice spectral sensorround stereo 3d 32 bits said:

"Ebenizer, i have come to to attempt to revise you..."

"Joseph, you i see well scaneado... but ¿to revise me in that? I produce programs inexpensive that the people purchase. Leave in all the magazines of the sector. If, it is hang a little, but, unless the case of the woman electrocuted, never there is past nothing... and was using a copy pirate, or it will be that she it is it buscó..."

"Ebenizer, you know that it that you make not this well. You exploit to your personnel, you you demand but of it that they can to give, the dates of delivery they are ridiculas and not you you give the tools adapted, your software stink, is a collection of bugs visual that pretend the serious failures conceptual of the diseños... The documentacion the generate a program of intelligence artificial of 5 lineas and your service of attention to the client is a parrot connected to the telefono... Enmiéndate, you it i request, or acabaras where i i am."

"¿In the Hell...?"

"Not, in the section of systems operative advanced of Microsoft. And that is bad, worse of it that you you imagine"

"Me you frighten, Joseph. But not. Those they are the rules of the business, according to our Bible, the "Mein Kode", of Bill Gates... It i sit, but not..."

"Good, i alone i came to to warn you. To it long of the night, vendran three spectra for to counterclaim you, but if to the to arrive to the i finish not you have changed of idea, since, me seem that you have assigned the department of attention to the client of the Win 95, me i fear... Care you, Ebenizer"

After the visit of the spectrum of Joseph P., Ebenizer Bughe it is sintio i disturb. The ordering it is There is hung with a GPF, and penso that all was result of the release hours that There is past programming in Visual Basic. his i prescribe already it is it There is warned, that was bad for its brain. But good, that sabran those medicos.

Attempt to sleep, counting bugs, as solia to make...

Not it could.

A hour despues of that it is marched Joseph P., appeared the first spectrum. Ebenizer it is i frighten, was the first time that veia a Spectrum to speak.

"Hello, i am the spectrum of the Bugs pasts. ? Me recuerdas ? "

"Since not much, the truth. ? Would have to ?"

"If, recall the quantity of hours that were waiting loading my tapes with your code, and it that were fighting because your programs had that touch professional that so much were longing. Vivias between peeks and pokes, and were knowing my insides to the dedillo. Were longing be a great programmer, with a code correctly structured. Even leias things on orientacion to objects and code reusable, before of that it would be feasible. And it that you divertias seeking your bugs in my interior. ¿What it was of that Ebenizer?"

"Was a child. They were good times, until that pirated all my programs in the tape that permission in the magazine ZXYMAS. The people was thinking that was insane. The girls not it is were approaching. Not was earning a hard. And it of the Programming guided to object is a counting but tragico that "The Sirenita". Not, asi not it is earn money, the truth. There is that to make code, much, though it will be bad for within. That if , that it will be very nice and spectacular, that is it that the people purchase. If there is bugs, since is a penalty, but we are human, ¿not?. And for to make much code there is that to exploit to the people. Good, it is let be exploited, asi that not import .. I have grown and this is the world real, and i i am very of the world real..."

"Oh, Ebenizer, speeches as think a high jerifalte of IBM, to the that not i could to convert and now purify bugs of the Pentium in time real... You you go to to condemn, but that comes the following spectrum..."

And that spectrum i arrive... Was a PC of the monton, as any other, though was rare the cartel of "Authentic Pentiums untruthful Inside". To him was speaking pausadamente, because each little it is was stopping to to make Swap of the disk hard.

"Oh, Ebenizer, i am very wretched...."

"If i it would be a PC, also it serious..."

"Not, is that i see the misery of your personnel. you bushes to to work,

you you change all the specifications, you you give bad diseños, you you put keyboards until in the service, and not you you let time for to amend the mistakes, it which is a pelin difícil of to make with the debug of the TWO 1.0..."

"But if is that they are some lazy. Until me they have request tools advanced. Already. It that want is that the languages make its work. For God, that give thanks to that not you i make to program in code scheme directly..."

"But have families to the that hardly they can to maintain, and suffer much in its employment..."

"Nothing, the client is it first..."

"If, it first in be engañado. We go, Ebenizer, the quality of your soft emphasize for its absence..."

"Good, but is very nice...has icons in 5 trillions of colors... Occupy many megas.... And has sound estereo... And is compatible Win 95"

"But it is hang to each while. To times it is hang even before of to begin to to operate... and even it is there is given a case of hang before of to install it..."

"The world of the software is asi... and i not it i go to to change...Of fact neither i want to change it... Me is going well asi"

"But that not is future...

"The future is to sell more, though it will be worse the quality. The people wants appearance, not quality..."

"Good, i see that is in frivolous. Tendra that to come the i finish spectrum..."

The i finish spectrum was a pail black. To him was sounding of some model of ordering ancient that not victory, but not podia to recall which. This not i speak. Simply made to appear before the a screen, the of beginning of

windows 95. Though this was but tetrica. Was a scene of storm, and the window was desvencijada. Appeared the bar of tasks, and with she a flechita that ponia:

"To end push injure"

The hand of Ebenizer, unaccountably, it is i approach to the raton and pulse in the button that ponia "END". This is it that appeared in screen:


Life Mistake at bioprogram EBENIZER.EXE

Bad Mindset from start at 0xabcdef01

System is foobar

Program is going to be terminated

Of the screen left million of bugs, of thousands of colors, that began to to devour and Ebenizer. All the bugs that There is stored its programs it is returned against the. Was its revenge. Ebenizer it is retorcia of pain, and pedia a finish opportunity.

Serious good. Haria control of quality of its programs. Haria the life of its personnel but acceptable. Not sacaria threads that not operated. Not engañaria to its clients with dates impossible. Even dejaria of to pirate soft...

It was then when it is oyo the powerful voice of God:


"I gave, my Señor, forgive me, you make that me save, cambiare, it i swear... Not volvere to to sin"


"Not, you i swear that not..."


"¿For that but, my Señor?"