Learning Machine

A system of Artificial Life can be used to solve problems. For it artificial alive beings can be created whose objective will be to solve this problem.

Each being alive or organization has an objective that to fulfill, and tries to learn about which so'n the actions that direct to him towards the looked for goal, based on the surroundings in which it is.

It is possible to create organizations that have knowledge about how to react before certain situations. Nevertheless, he is much more attractive to be able to arrange in addition to organizations able to learn by themselves. According to this, it will be but important to define the objective of the entity that in to define how is going to to obtain it.

This exposition can be taken to the end, and be tried to design an entity type that is able to learn in any environment of problem.

Ejemplos de Vida is a application written in Visual Basic in the that it is find a program capable of to learn to to play to the tic-tac-toe. The program is of free distribution and the code source it is available.

[ Introduction by Manu Herrán ]
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This document summarizes how it is possible to create programs able to learn, by means of Artificial Life and Genetic Algorithms.

This document (about 15 pages) describes how it is theoretically possible that a assembly of organizations anyone solves a problem starting off of a complete ignorance of this problem.

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