Within of the Robótica we can distiguir two large lines of work: Robótica Industrial and Robótica of Investigation.

The first line would be formed for the robots that all we have seen some time in factories, chains of assembly etc. This type of robots tend be systems fixed or of movement limited, and the intelligence is supplied from the foreign of the robot.

In the second group, that is the that us interest, they would be all those robots that:

  • They are systems mobile.
  • The intelligence that possess it is find in its interior and normally not receive it help foreign.
  • All the contact with the world that you surround and its interaction with the same it is effects to slant of its sensors and actuadores.
  • They can to implement capacities of learning and of type evolutionary, it that you puede to carry to to recognize and to learn before the situations that it is you present in its interaction with the world that you surround.

[ Introduction by Antonio Arnaiz ]
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In this document it is describe several prototypes of robots mobile (Autonomous Agents) developed for Antonio Arnaiz, and the future projects that will endow to the robots of greater degrees of autonomy and learning.

In this document it is describe several algorithms that permit to a robot or to a ant virtual to explore a space done not know i fill of obstacles.