Evolution, Cooperation

These articles are about the Evolution and its relationship with the behaviors of Selfishness, Cooperation, and Altruism.

The theory of the selection of the kinds support that those individual of a population that possess the characters more advantageous will let proportionally more descendents in the following generation; and if such characters it is they should to differences that they can it be transmitted to the falling, will tend to to change the composition of the population, increasing the number of individual with said characteristic.

¿Mean this that the selfishness is evolutivamente seleccionado? ¿Or it will be seleccionado the altrusimo? ¿Is the intelligence product of the evolution? In that case, ¿Which they are sus implications? ¿Aspects ethical as the respect toward the other they can to have an evolutionary origin?

[ Introduction by Manu Herrán ]
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Selfishness, Cooperation and Altruism. Here cooperation, altruism and selfishness related to Artificial Life are analyzed.

The Evolution is a strange concept that it is try of to clarify here.

Here we have a interesting and anonymous analogy that relate certain events produced in the buffalo herds with animal thought to a lower level, ending at certain cultural habits.

"Life is something that can not be expressed with color and shape;
its concept imply unitary abstraction of multiple harmonies, measures, proportions,
movements, paces and lights,
that are given in the psiquic and moral complex,
organic and sensory, elemental and multiple, representative and diffuse,
of microcosmic and egocentric condition,
professedly submitted to constant anxiety,
transmutations and transubstanciations."
Agustín de la Herrán y de las Pozas, in "Magic self-portrait of the soul of Goya", 1971.